First speed sculp 2013

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just like to share a quick sculpt from a sphere i did. Nothing special, but it was fun doing it after such long time.



Killzone Shadow Fall

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Hey… and again some time over i did my last post, was busy with some character work for the amazing Studio Guerrilla Games. Did a lot characters for the upcoming  Playstation4 game Killzone Shadow Fall.

I will update my website as soon the game comes out, but its possible to see some of the work i did on cghub I got today a editor pick and 6 gold awards, thanks  @ cghub team for this!!!


Hope i can show more very soon!



Halo 4 Didact ship

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I add to my website the Didact ship highpoly i did for Halo 4. Take a look, it was a cool model and i had a lot fun doing it! 🙂

Little review. To see more check my website


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Yeah my first time at cghub in the toprow and on the same line with Timur Mutsaev, how awesome is this?

Also got 4 gold awards at the same time. Big thanks to the CGHUB team!!


Halo 4 again.

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Check out my website for some work i did for Halo 4. It was an amazin Project and i hope to get again a chance in my life to work on such awesomniss..

Little review.  

Halo 4

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Long time since my last post.

Got some cool news i can share finally.

I worked end of the last year and half of this (2012) on Halo 4 as freelance character artist over Liquid Development.

It was a big opportunity for me and i am very proud of, fan of the series since 1999.

I don’t have the 100% approved yet to show some hires render stuff i did. Hope this will come finally in few days!

For now what i can share is.. i worked together with Kolby Jukes, an amazing senior character artist at 343i, on the infected Spartan gear. It was an amazing task, to bad i was not able to finish everything by my self.

I am also in the Halo 4 Artbook with this work, so a huge thanks to 343i for the thanks!! You guy’s are awesome!

Hope i can show soon some more stuff. Be prepared! 😀



Some more speed stuff..

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Hey.. i did again a little speed modeling, this time Kolby Jukes give me some  motivation and inspiration with his work.

Hope you like it.

and a other alien speed head from a sphere